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A little bit about myself


Well, first, Thank you for dropping by.

Nothing like a long list of references or something similar here.


Honestly, I prefer to talk about me, my feelings and my thoughts, with a glass of whiskey.

I was born and raised in a small lovely town, Taunggyi in Myanmar.

I grew up listening to cassette tape, watching VCR, playing Contra on Famicom & street football.

Currently, I’m working as IT Project Manager in Singapore.Spending most of the days in office and most of evening at gym. Love to travel to new explore new places  (rolling stone gather no moss, right?). Do scuba diving.  Enjoy playing guitar or drums at free time.  Love to cook and photography enthusiast (I hope you enjoy by shots).

If you’re not bored enough after reading my surreal bio, feel free to share any thought through the contact form in my website. I’ll be very happy to reply!

Wai Lin Ko

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